The Ugly Truth


As we say here often, the ‘Jewish problem’ as it has existed from the beginning of time is rooted in a simple-to-explain/simple-to-understand concept–Mental illness.

Lest we forget, the entire ‘Jrama’–obvious pun intended–begins with a guy named Abraham hearing voices in his head telling him that he has been ‘chosen’ for greatness by some higher power and that his kith-n-kin are destined to rule the world with a rod of iron. A few moments later, these same voices are then telling him to murder his son, chop his dead body into pieces and burn it in what was a pre-figurement of the type of human sacrifice that predominated in various primitive, barbaric cultures and which took center stage in Mel Gibson’s blockbuster film Apocalypto.

One of the many symptoms psychiatrists use in diagnosing someone who is mentally ill, psychotic or suffering from schizophrenia (all conditions that predominate within the Jewish community to a disproportionately…

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