It is mentioned her use of the word «predators». I think she is right in her observations of Judaism(Jews) as predatory, keeping in mind that people make religions(cultures), it’s not cultures which make people.

I found these two videos of her, where she talks more about this idea, and how we in the past had myths to protect us, and to make us aware of the «Predator». She is absolutely right I think.
It is bad to be prey, but even worse to be preyed upon without even knowing we are, and who the predator is.

In the videos I am referring to below, she mentions the Greek «myths», and Æsop, which probably are interesting and relevant too, but unfortunately she doesn’t mention the Norse «myths», which would be exactly what she is prescribing, for raising our awareness and ability to self-determination.
You don’t have to know much about Jews, and our peoples history, to read about Loki and realize that he is the archteype of a Jew/Jötunn(Germ. Jude, eng. Jew, norw. Jøde, Swe. Jude).

Newer Norse folklore and tales about the Throlls etc., «able to sense(smell) Christian-mans blood», is the adaptation of these old myths about the predator, to Christianity as we were Christened against our will.

Anyway. Here are her thoughts:

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