Doesn’t it feel comforting to learn that the NATO Secretary General identifies with Tony Soprano?


Stoltenberg praises Tony Soprano is the headline. Try the article with Google translate.

And also learning that he is quick and resourceful too. Streetwise we might say.

Once he was out driving on his own, I believe it was in 2001, he bumped into a parked car at a parking lot.
After assessing the situation for a good while he went over to the car he had damaged. Pretending to leave a note with his name and contact information, which would be a normal thing to do in Norway, he instead stuck an old parking-receit, without name nor phonenumber, to the windshield of the car he had damaged, before driving away.
Luckily he was observed and the story hit the media, although the disclosure of his fraudulent and criminal character doesn’t seem to have put limitiations on his career:


Yep. You can rest assured that we are in good hands. Our leaders seems to have the highest ideals and a flawless character.

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