Memes and Genes

Humanity is facing extinction from religious mind viruses.  Death by the memes.  Religion established authority with the god meme and now this idea, adopted by the state, has gone wild with governments claiming the right to do or kill anything.  Now they are passing inter-office memos claiming they can kill you with a drone.  Death by memo memes.  Humans must evolve from archaic superstitions of an omnipotent god – which morphed into omnipotent state – which claims a monopoly on the use of force as if it were a god,  It’s time to learn about memes and evolve out of mind control doctrines like authority or we face extinction.  Humans are free beings in a free Universe – no one has authority over you, never had, never will.


Are you free or are you a slave of state or god?  That is the question humanity eternally faces.  We are free…

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