Nordic Anti Semite

The Nordic Race, which lived tribally until the foreign alien Jews, a destructive Asiatic group of rootless rejected parasites, came in with their gradual systems of dependence coupled with reasons (perverse) to accept them and keep them.

tumblr_ncf01izpQa1sjajq6o1_500 A Nordic face

The Jews boast a ‘community’ in every nation. To begin with, in every nation that they are present, they are in control. When the Jew has made his nest, nobody else has any power, or that would be quote; ‘anti-semitic‘. Any people strong enough to shake off the blight at this point would be strong enough to live free of the Jew and thus, survive. Accusations of anti-Semitism would not be enough to stop them chucking the Jews out. The Jew will mercilessly hunt down and murder any people prepared to be ‘anti-semitic’, which often means, insistence on living free of the Jew, or living for the…

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