The Jews, probably inspired by their success in turning our people’s natural interest in the greatest questions of life and our own existence into a matter of worshiping and obeying their God, the planet Saturn, seems to be running a similar plot when it comes to modern day science. This post is not about religion, but I just got to ask:
Did you know that «Shabbathai» is an ancient Hebrew name for the planet Saturn?
That the Sabbath is in English also named after the god of the Jews? Saturns-day, Saturday.
For more than a thousand years we have lived with this Gigantic lie. That Saturn is our God.

Probably they are spinning the Theory of Relativity too, in the same way, to take us even further from reality.
In case the name itself, Einstein, didn’t trigger your «Judameter», this should make you realize the need for recalibrating it.

The All-wise Giant: Einstein.

The All-wise Giant:

Here is another approach by Stephen J Crothers:

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