I never quite understood how one of the most Jew-f****d countries on the planet should be able to come up with the remedy for international Jewry, as so many seems to be hoping for. Nor can I get the expression «it takes two to tango» out of my head when I see the rapid escalation of the «differences» between eastern and western Europe as seen the last year.

The Tango is  mysterious, Jews are a mystery and according to Wikipedia, Putin’s ancestry is a mystery too.

«The ancestry of Vladimir Putin has been described as a mystery with no records surviving of any ancestors of any people with the surname «Putin» beyond his grandfather Spiridon Ivanovich. His autobiography, Ot Pervogo Litsa (English: In the First Person),[18] which is based on Putin’s interviews, speaks of humble beginnings, including early years in a communal apartment, shared by several families, in Leningrad. Some researchers speculate that Putin´s ancestry might be linked to Putyanin clan, «one of the oldest clans in the Russian history» with links to all the royal families of Europe.[24]».

Well, I don’t like mysteries, and neither do Diggerfortruth. So he quite simply demystified it. I think he is right:


For those now disappointed for things being complicated yet again, I say:

No. It is still us or them…

And it always will be, that is, if both parties are still around when this mysterious tango has climaxed in what will probably be known as WW3.
WW3!!! Relax!

It’s just another European brother-war, a replay almost, except for some new exotic spices sprinkled generously among «the nations». I think the Chef spiced it up this time to assure it won’t be boring for them to watch.
After all it’s the third re-run.

I really wonder whether we will take the bait this third time too, or have we learned a thing or two about war-games?

As a curiosity:
In the Judaic Cook-book of Evil, known as the Torah, or the Old Testament. Abraham and his kin two times managed to pimp his/their beautiful wife Sarah onto very blue-eyed kings they met as he and his people were roaming as usual.
Portraying her as his sister, letting the kings have her, and later revealing she actually was his wife, he managed to put the kings in shame and debt to him. This was very profitable to him.
The third time his satanic tribe tried this pimping-scheme however, it turned out that the king in question was Jew-wise and avoided the trap.

Are our people getting Jew-wise, 5-6 thousands years, and probably 5 – 6 million tricks, schemes and lies, later?
We can only hope we are, and that the «Habirus» are in for a nasty surprise themselves  this time.

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