Occam's Razor

In the past couple days, «medievalist» Karl Steel and some of his friends, such as Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, have been «attacking» HBD and the Dark Enlightenment on Twitter, including a blog post.  N.B. by «attacking» I don’t really mean attempting to discredit but pointing and sputtering.  And I put «medievalist» in quotes because unlike traditional medievalists who had deep philological understandings of classical and medieval languages (such as Latin, Old High German, Old Norse, Anglo-Saxon, etc.) this group is representative of a new trend, «scholars» short on traditional philological skills but long on the latest pomod theories, which  results in applying the latest lit-crit «theory» to an English translation of a text.  Yes, Idiocracy, has consumed literary studies.  Oh yea, many of them also seem to detest logic and reason (ruses of the white man).

Anyway, browsing through some of their writings, you find the latest fashionable…

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