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The multi-faceted attempts by Jewish controlled international media to politicize and sabotage the winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia has infiltrated televisions around the world, taking attention off the actual games. Reading from the same script, both global and Greek media rage in unison, presenting Putin as the 21st century’s most vicious and evil dictator.   CNN’s around the clock coverage of Russia describes Putin as anti-democratic, while journalists focus on mocking and nit-picking alleged construction defects at the Olympic site, writing long scathing articles about a few square centimeters of frayed masonry in the partition of the Olympic Village.

The Winter Olympics began on February 10th amidst an orchestrated campaign of negative propaganda by the global Zionist media, the media is desperate for this to be a public relations disaster for Russia. The United States and European Union worked tediously to sabotage the events and transform what is supposed to be a…

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