One thought on “Neanderthals and Semites

  1. I think he is absolutely right. In fact it adds up to the Norse “mythology” too. Where our race, by Odin, Ve and Vilje, killed off Ymir and the Jotnar, except one, Bergelmir, who survived and repopulated the old tribe of Jotnar. Jotun is of course Juden/Jew, and they are the old race, as clearly explained in this comprehensive article.

    Here is a blog on the mythological aspect of Jews/Jotnar and their cult of Saturn worshiping.

    I will now soon try to look into more of the story of Ymir and the Jotnar.
    «Trolls» or Throlls are also mentioned in the above post. Throll is of course equal to Thurs and Jotun.

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