«Bravo, Oscar! If our talk really will lead you to rethink a few things, then I will have been completely successful. And I believe it will, because it is evident that you regard the matters we have been discussing with the gravity they deserve. You take these things seriously. Even the slightest suspicion that I may be correct disturbs you deeply.
That is as it should be. Too often I’ve wasted my time arguing with men who regarded our debate as nothing but an intellectual exercise, a challenging diversion. Many times they were intelligent men, but they had no souls, no sense of responsibility.
Whether I was right or wrong about the Jews or other issues we debated was not really important to them; it was not real. The only thing that was real to them was their own comfort, their own safety, their own welfare. They felt no responsibility to the world around them, no responsibility to their own race even. They were merely observers of life — spectators — not participants. But you, I believe, are a participant. Convincing these other fellows of the truth ultimately made no difference, because they remained nothing more than spectators. But when I finally have helped you to convince yourself of the truth, it will make a difference. You’ll do something about it.»

                                    Harry to Oscar Yeager in «The Hunter» by Dr. William Pierce

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