New art from the great anti-NWO propaganda artist David Dees, who’s got a new book coming out. Click the pictures to enlarge them.



Foxconn, the Chinese company where all our technology is assembled, is replacing one million workers with robots.



I don’t know all that much about Monsanto, to be honest, but here’s a thought I had the other day, unrelated to the GMO controversy: When the NWO/JWO and Monsanto has moved all of Europe’s food production to Africa, who is going to stop them from pulling the plug on our food supply and thus creating another Holodomor on Aryan peoples?


screw (D)

And a few lines about the often hailed ‘ObamaCare’ in the artist’s own words:

«[ObamaCare is] the most sinister blanket smokescreen of financial disaster you can imagine, designed to toss an extra few hundred dollars expense a month into a middle class that is already straining at the seams, and living off of credit cards, so welcome to the push over the cliff into bankruptcy, that is exactly the plan, it is part of a series of chess moves to lead the US middle class into desperation and, ultimately, poverty. But DEBT is the key to control, the darling child of enslavement, and to bring in the new money system and the new world order they plan to implode the economy, wreck the old board game of monopoly, and introduce their sick track, trace and control grid solution. We are in the middle of a serious time, a dangerous situation, but it is all zionist media lathered and covered up, all stealthily implemented not to wake the sheeple too soon.» – David Dees


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