Like a captain of the seas, looking aft, at the wake of his ship, I can look back at this blog and see where I’ve been.
A straight wake is preferred, telling us we’ve been sailing the shortest route. That is easy to achieve when you know where you came from and you know where you are going.
Not so easy when you’re lost, sailing a stormy ocean at night, the maps are falsified and the lighthouses are all shut down or long gone.
I’m not sorry however, even though my wake is not straight.
In the conditions we are sailing in today, it is good to see a wake at all. A wake means we are in motion and on our way. Let us call it: «learning by doing».


This blog started by looking at Islam, then Judaism, two theories of insane collectivity and group-thinking.
Then we  looked at socialism and Marxism. much the same as the previously mentioned, where each is worse than the others in its own way.
In between, there has  been some odd posts on the Norse/Aryan/Germanic view on life, as we can find it  in Norse Mythology, and some articles on Nationalism and its rival Internationalism. The fight between these two ideologies is the only fight, from biblical times, through religious wars,  the great world wars, until today.

We have mostly been looking at things that are wrong in our society, what made us set sail in the beginning.
Not so much on solutions, even though we touched on ideas that would have made the world a better place, if adopted by a wider audience.
The Germanic/Nordic mythology for one, and the idea of nationalism another.

One people one land…..
True national-socialists, or national-communists, as I believe many of them really are, will arrest me now and say that I forgot :…One leader.
No, I didn’t forget it. I rejected it. And I will forever.
Every one of us must wake up and lead ourselves.
(The only time we need one leader is in times of war, we are not there, yet.
Hopefully we can avoid war too, if we wake up.)
Even though I admit: It sounds good to have a strong and wise leader, one who constantly and dutifully looks after us, taking full responsibility for our well being and safety. One who could replace the traitors we’ve ended up with today. Those constantly working against their own  people and our best interests.
Still, this is not possible in reality.

I believe in the old saying: Power will corrupt and absolute power will corrupt absolutely.
A proof of this can be found when we look at ourselves. We had absolute power ourselves at one time. As human beings we had  God-given or natural rights and liabilities.
That was the law of the land once.

What happened to that?

Well, our absolute freedom and power absolutely corrupted us too, and little by little we was fooled by smarter people with ideologies and religion, to hand over our rights, for a promise of less personal liability. Less responsibility.
It may sound like a good deal but I believe that when the shit hits the fan, as everyone can see it soon will, we will find ourselves left with nothing but full personal liabilities anyway.
We will then even understand that we are even worse off without our freedom. And not to forget: Our «lost» abilities to think for ourselves, and being responsible for ourselves.

So, how do we regain our freedom, reclaim ourselves?

Well, first off we need to understand we are men (i.e. as in human). Of Mans (Mannus) kind.
Then we have to realize that we are individuals. Not one person is the same as another.
Everyone has a unique DNA-profile.
To quote the Bible on one of its very few truths: We are individually «created» by God/Nature. In his/its image.
We are natural beings created by nature and therefore we should live by natural law.

Odin says  this better than the Bible though, in his «Runic Song» about his own «creation», naturally in the womb of his mother. From Håvamål: This is a small digression for those who don’t allready know the meaning of Odins Runic song. The article goes on after this short but important part of the Norse view on life:

Veit ek, at ek hekk                                                I know, that I hung
vindga meiði á                                                      on the winged-tree
nætr allar níu,                                                       nights all nine,
geiri undaðr                                                          wounded by spear
ok gefinn Óðni,                                                     and given spirit,
sjalfr sjalfum mér,                                                 my self [given] to myself
á þeim meiði,                                                        on the tree
er manngi veit                                                       which off no-one knows
hvers af rótum renn.                                             where from its root are running.

Við hleifi mik sældu                                              I was not given bread
né við hornigi;                                                      nor to drink (drinking horn)
nýsta ek niðr,                                                       peering downwards
nam ek upp rúnar,                                                I picked up runes(traits/knowledge?)
æpandi nam,                                                        crying, understanding,
fell ek aftr þaðan.                                                 later(after) I fell off it.

Fimbulljóð níu                                                      Nine mighty poems
nam ek af inum frægja syni                                  I got from the good son of
Bölþorns, Bestlu föður,                                        Bolthorn, Bestlas father,
ok ek drykk of gat                                                and I got to drink
ins dýra mjaðar,                                                   the precious milk? (not mead?)
ausinn Óðreri.                                                      Served from the spirit-realm.

Þá nam ek frævask                                            Then I thrived
ok fróðr vera                                                       and became wise
ok vaxa ok vel hafask,                                        and grew and got well
orð mér af orði                                                    words me from
orðs leitaði,                                                         word to words led,
verk mér af verki                                                 actions me from action
verks leitaði.                                                       to actions led.

Short explaination:

Odin doesn’t remember, as we see from the first word, he knows, as we all do, that we’ve spent time
in our mothers womb. The tree with wings are the inner parts of man-kinds female reproductive organs.

Vinga-meidr. Wing-tree. Ovaries and the fallopian tubes are the  “wings”.

irminsul 2

Irminsul, Mima-meidr, Yggdrasil, Tree of Life, the winged tree.

Nætr/Nights is a “kenning”/picture for darkness. Niu or nine is nine months. Nine lunar-nights(moon-cycles) that is.
No food nor drink. Who needs food, when intravenous fed in the womb?
Wounded by a spear. The wound, which is the basis of this picture, is the navel, which really is a wound after the umbilical cord is cut.
The umbilical cord is the spear. As many knows the spear of Odin is called Gungnir, the one who curls and bends(gynger). i.e. this is a picture of the body given Odin. The wound and the spear is a picture of the navel and the umbilical cord, the umbilical cord which after conception is our guarantee for a body. The physical.

He was also given  spirit (Odni), as he says. i.e. Both body and soul.
Both was given him by himself. We are all born free, with a free mind. Libertarian and humane idea.
He hung on the tree we don’t know the roots of. Only today we have understood that the genes are the key to this mystery. Some of us, at least.
He was peering downward, until he fell out/down, crying, like most of us do when born.

This is how Odin hung in the tree of life, «upside down», holding onto his spear.

This simple fact, that you are live born into the jurisdiction of nature, free, given to yourself, by yourself as your parents/kin(forebears), naturally gives you inalienable, inherited natural rights that no other being can take away from you.
This is the law of Nature and the nature of Law.
I may add that likewise you may not violate other beings rights, at least not without also accepting the liabilities thereof.

You are also naturally free to cooperate with others, establishing or joining organizations, or not. Freedom to organize, or not, is an inalienable right you have.Engaging in contracts and agreements is another, though it’s the same right in the end.
Organizing and being stronger in that way, still doesn’t give you right to violate other individuals individual rights. They are free to join you by consent, or not join you, simply by saying the word NO.

If someone agrees to form  a corporation, like the state, they will still need your consent to include you in their rulings. To rule you lawfully, at least.
This knowledge is almost lost among man-kind today. We are brainwashed with the idea of democracy, that the majority can rule everything and everyone.
They could of course rule you, if you have given consent to their proposal of doing so, and also maybe if you don’t object to the proposal when you are presented to it while the proposal is fully disclosed.
But according to law: Unless you do consent or object you are still free as a bird, as long as you do not  harm or violate others inalienable natural rights. You will also naturally be fully liable to any damage you may do.

This is the principle of natural law, the principles of Odin and the principle which law should be based upon. It is a principle based upon Man, us, and our inherited «divinity». In contrast to the Judaic principle of man subjugated divinity. The JUDICIAL principle many people, ourselves included, are ruled upon today.
Even though they say we are subjugated divinity, it still only can be so by our consent.
Or by our unwillingness and fear to object.

Many people are talking about these principles, it is called the Freeman on the Land movement, among other names. Many of those into this movement are well aware of the ancient obscure religious and political maxims  behind our government. As a solution to the «spell» cast upon us they seem to be thinking that the solution is another spell or more magic the other way. Though it is very interesting to see back into time, onto the origin of the ideas that rule us, there is no solution to be found there.
The solution is before us, in the future, starting NOW.

I am now very happy to present someone who really got a understanding of this.
I have found someone who I believe is a true son of Mannus/Heimdall.
He is speaking the wisdom of Odin and nature, in a way that makes people shut up and listen for a change.

Here is video presenting this man who decided to remain free and take full responsibility of his own life.
His name is Dean Clifford, and he is of Canada:

After watching the above video I surely hope and recommend that you also want too watch his «lectures» on Law and how he explains how we again can be free and sovereign Men.

If you think 7 hours of your life is too much to spend on Law, you should think of those spending 7 years in law-school just to understand less of it than you will learn here. 🙂

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