I have recently started to wonder if whiteness is a social construct, or Orwellian Newspeak.
Is it constructed by people of this kind, to shift focus from what really matters, to the meaningless subject of skin color?

I can’t believe the Jew in this video actually wants to get rid of himself and his own kind, as he is saying he will, as he is white himself. Will he claim that he is Jewish and not white when the blacks eventually come for him?

Is he on one hand building up hate towards «whiteness», and on the other distancing himself from whiteness by making these horrible statements he makes? Knowing all too well that  people of all colors will notice, react and eventually see that he is a Jew.

Is he putting focus on whiteness to make all of us do the same in our reaction, coming forward as ignorant racists seemingly thinking that the color of skin is what really matters?

Skin color doesn’t mean a shit, we are white and so are the Jews wanting to remove us.
What really matters is what’s inside a human being. The soul, whatever that maybe. Regardless, we have it, Ignatiev and his kind don’t, and they never will. Nor will the people they are bringing into our societies to dilute us and ultimately kill us.

We are Aryans.

What is Aryan then?
It is said to derive from Sanskrit, meaning noble.
Noble sounds old fashioned and pompous, but is it?
It can be understood as Adel, Pure, Edel, Ethel and more. It is also closely related to Odel and Odal.
Odalism/Odel, the idea of inalienable  rights to a place to live, a territory of your own, based on .family and blood.

irminsul blot und boden

Now we can see that the German slogan Blut und Boden, Blood and Soil, is equivalent to Odel and Odal, which again are exactly the same as Adel and Aryan.

Knowing this, that Aryan, besides purity of blood, has something to do with soil –  land-ownership – we can understand why the impure and roaming Jewish people hate us so much. They’ve never had a legitimate land.

Now we can understand why they instigated revolutions like the French and the Russian to kill off our nobility and steal everything they could get their hands on. Why they invented communism, and why they are working for a New World Order of international communism. Or more correctly: international Jewish corporatism.

And we can understand why Nationalism, the idea that

one people(nation) govern themselves and their land,

is a major threat to inter-nationalism, a Jewish idea saying that

one particular people, the Jews, should govern all other people(nations) and their land.


This is what they hate, our freedom and our honor, our Blut und Boden, not our whiteness.
And this is what we should defend too. Our Aryan heritage. Without soil, and soul, we are nothing.
The Jews learned this the hard way and they will,more than anyone, know that what I am saying is

the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,

* * *

Hljóðs bið ek allar
helgar kindir,
meiri ok minni
mögu Heimdallar;
viltu at ek, Valföðr,
vel fyr telja
forn spjöll fira,
þau er fremst of man.



4 thoughts on “White or Aryan?

  1. Very interesting post, and an interesting topic for sure. I view the whole «White» vs. «Aryan» debate as largely a semantics debate in my view. I identify as a White man. I have no problem saying that I am White, and I don’t think most Americans do either. Of course I don’t consider Jews to be White, even though most Jews tend to have lighter skin like Whites do. I guarantee you Jews don’t consider themselves White, unless they are trying to denigrate White identity and culture.

    I also don’t have a problem with people using the word Aryan to describe what I would call White culture/people. I just normally don’t use that word.

  2. Thank you for your opinion.
    You are right, everybody can identify as white, but we are so much more. As you see in the post.

    I think it is more than semantics.
    I think we are set up to use the word white.
    They don’t want us to ever use the word Aryan again, because that word actually means something.

    They also try to make it dividing by heightening the standards, referring to unrealistic good looks, eye-color, skin tone, etc.
    When in fact there are no other criteria than Blut und Boden.
    All whites should be able to understand Blut und Boden.

    Imagine if the Jews weren’t allowed to call themselves Jews.
    They should only be «whites», too.
    Or if the native American Indians was forced to call themselves «reds».
    It’s unthinkable.

    It will of course be a hell of a job reviving and cleaning the term Aryan, but so is surviving.

    We are Aryans, by spirit, blood and by soil.

  3. Good and interesting article.

    White is also about what we have accomplished, nordic/germanic people have created more then any other race ever.
    We have rediscovered «fire» and reevented the «wheel» which makes us gods compared to any wannabe white.

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