3 thoughts on “Music: Landser – Arisches Kind

  1. The text on the top is the first verse of Voluspå, the “prophecy” of the Volve(wise old women/seer)

    Heimdal is the same as the Germanic Mannus or Man, OUR ancestor, the father of Mans-kind, mankind.

    It translates something like this:

    Listen, I tell you all
    Holy kin-folks
    more or less
    children of Heimdall(Man/Mannus)
    Do you, father of the slain(one of Odin’s many roles/names),
    want me well to tell you
    the ancient tales,
    those, the first/best of man.

  2. Arisches kind

    Your eyes are blue
    as the vast ocean
    and so unfathomably deep
    that you can drown in it

    Your hair are blond
    like a ripe wheat field
    and they almost shine like gold
    when a ray of sunlight falls on it

    You are an Aryan Child
    all our love
    the fate of the earth
    is in your cradle!

    The love-thick moon
    shines clean in your bed
    always watching you
    so you never are alone

    And the brown teddy-bear
    bravely sits on watch
    when the «unter-menschen» come
    by raven-black night

    You don’t know this yet;
    not all people are good.
    Good is always only
    a man of pure blood

    And your blood is pure
    for this they hate you
    but you can be sure
    they will not get to you!!!!

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