Structured and historic take on our mistakes and our unawareness causing the problems we face today.
Video by Ares, narrated by William Pierce.

Just like jews like Noel Ignatiew now wants to «abolish» the white race we should have continued too abolish jews like we used too. Instead we adapted the poisonous idea of loving our enemies, and turning the other cheek.

Thor 2

Thor put it straight in Hárbarþsljóþ v:23

«Ek var austr
ok jötna barðak
brúðir bölvísar,
er til bjargs gengu;
mikil myndi ætt jötna,
ef allir lifði
vætr myndi manna
undir Miðgarði.

A pretty clear warning to us from the past.
Thor says he was in the east were he fought Jotnar(pl. of Jotun = juden = jew),
adding that it will not be easy to be mankind in Midgard if the the jotun-kind all got to live.

Or maybe, to put it in a more modern and moderate way, if they become to many and get to much influence.
Anyway, looks like he was right.
And it sure looks like we missed his warning in political correct translations/misinterpretations of our ancient wisdom.

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