Here is a kosher version of the ugly reality, from infowars.com,  but still worth seeing.
I found it on:


In the video, Catherine Austin Fitts just mentions  KKR, one of many  global investment companies, it’s really not worth mentioning at all, but just in spite and to tease you:  I’d like to ask if you could ever trust these two guys with a single dime of your money:


Catherine Austin Fitts was a Wall Street banker who rose through the ranks to become managing director at Dillon Read Investment bank. She resigned and became Housing Secretary under George Bush in 1989. She left to found Hamilton Securities which made money in the mortgage housing market. She was investigated and indicted 19 times and was eventually run out of Washington DC. Attempts were made on her life. She was persecuted for excessive honesty and had to retreat to a small town in Tennessee. She emerged on the Internet as a leading spokeswoman for the resistance to the New World Order.

The video below is an interview in which Catherine explains this in one setting. Please pay attention when she talks about reform, transparency, food and slavery. Your life depends upon your ability to spread the truth about what she is saying.



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