For me as an atheist and a person trying my best to be rational, though I have a soft spot for norse mythology and our ancestors brilliant system of modelling the forces and realities of the nature and the world we are living in, it is very hard to take abrahamittic religions seriously. I guess many of you feel the same way.

However, I have come to the conclusion that regardless of what we do, and what we may think about it, a great many people take religion dead serious. Thus, we should maybe take religion more seriously ourselves.
In fact, one may sometimes be inclined to question, more or less seriously,  if the world we are living in, in reality are ruled by religious prophecies.
Or, to put the proposition another way:

Is the world ruled by a religious demonic elite, guided by biblical prophecies?

Will the biblical prophecy of a greater Israel and the return of Messiah be fulfilled, or will the prophecies of norse mythology be the safest bet, the foreseen near total destruction of the world and mankind, in Ragnarok, followed by a green fresh start ?

One may also wonder if the biblical prophecies are prophecies at all, or whether they are just realistic goals and strategies for «Gods people».
And, maybe the «prophecy» of Ragnarok in norse mythology isn’t a prophecy either, but the inevitable results of a healthy  northern brain analyzing facts, merely describing what boundless Jewish lunacy and evil eventually will lead to.

Understanding that Loki, of jotun kind, is the archetype of a Jew, we soon realize that our forefathers knew  him and his kind only too well too.


Loki. As depicted in old Icelandic manuscripts.

With this short introduction, and the question of why USrAel are so eager on invading Syria and Iran, and considering the rest of the middle east which they already has ruined, going through our minds in these days, I will point your attention to the following video.
I know, there are many secular reasons for doing the evil USrAel have done, and want’s to do more of, but can we fully rule out the theory of religious motives put forward in the following video?

eretz israel

Future map? Great-Israel.

Eretz Israel means Greater-Israel. The land between the Nile and the Eufrat river, «promised» the jews by their God Yahweh. From where they will rule the nations, or goyim, meaning cattle, as they prefer to call us.


5 thoughts on “Eretz Israel

  1. Tilbaketråkk: Music: Tyr – Ragnarok |

  2. Have you, or anybody else, noticed that the narrator in the video, Snordelhans, sounds just like «The Architect» in the Matrix-movies?

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