Do you sometimes wonder why the feminists doesn’t give a damn about muslim womens rights?
Do you sometimes wonder why gays rights are only heard of in the west or why only whites can be racists?
Or, do you maybe wonder how the Norwegian stately-owned television station, which by the way is financed greatly by a mandatory subscription-fee on all Norwegians owning a tv-set, can make infotainment programs in which a spineless clown is paid to state that:

«The Norwegian Constitution is made by a bunch of dirty, racist, sexist farmers and merchants on seminar.»

The answers to all these questions you will find here. These 13 minutes of video, hosted by the crisp and clear Bill Whittle will give you a crash-course introduction to the theory and workings of Critical Theory and an introduction to the notorious Frankfurt school as well.

My bet, I may add, is that a crash is on the way and a crash-course will sooner rather than later surely come in handy.


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