The Muslim Issue


The Saudi Manifesto aiming to develop an international Caliphate uniting the entire Muslim world, and superimposing a Sharia state on the Western world, is evident in full scale operation all across Europe, the U.S. and all across Arabia expressing itself as the Arab Spring.

The Saudi manifesto, a part of a U.S. court exhibit from 1991 discovered during a terror suspected raid in Switzerland, seeks to exploit the average Muslim to build the foundation to a sprouting mosque population that is later indoctrinated to Wahhabi Islam, the pure Arabic Islam. Wahhabi is filled with Islamic hate ideology and desire to to install a new and future Caliphate across the world and fulfill the predictions in the Quran. The world’s terrorist funding originates in Arabia, which may not come as a surprise. The current development since the creation of this Saudi manifesto, prove that Muslims…

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