Shocking new evidence of ancient interplanetary travel Photo: NASA and CasperArt

Wed, 19 Sep 2012 07:57:35 PM UTC+0200

NASA Mars Rover Curiosity looks at objects on the ground ahead, Moons above.

Spectacular photos from the rover Curiosity shocked scientists at NASA today.
Images sent back from Mars, are showing what appears to be a ship and two rune-stones.

A spokesman from Nasa says that NASA can not rule out the possibility that the curiosity of the vikings may have been greater then historians so far have known or told us.
May NASA and Curiosity been beaten by centuries by the vikings?

Historians at Stanford University Department of History that we have been in contact with are also shocked and surprised by the pictures today released by NASA. They believe however that this is manipulated photos. There is now way they say, that some Vikings may have escaped the darkness put upon Scandinavia in the last millenium by Christianity, without leaving other traces in history.

Theologists we have been in touch with also confirms that it would  be possible for  europeans allready in the 15th-16th century to master the technology needed to go to Mars, had it not been for the darkness effectively put upon Europe by Christianity.
However they find it not plausible that such a highly developed society could have lived in parallel with, and unknown to, the dogamtic, suppressing and backward Christian society we know from European history.

We will get back with more on this story.

This map shows the route driven by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity through the 43rd Martian day, or sol, of the rover’s mission on Mars (Sept. 19, 2012).
The route starts where the rover landed and ends where the spectacular discoveries supposedly was made.

Mars surface: Photo NASA.

4 thoughts on “Shocking images from Curiosity and Nasa

  1. Det kan vel ikke udelukkes, at vikingerne kom til Jorden fra Mars. De kunne måske komme fra et teknologisk udviklet samfund, som blev ramt af en naturkatastrofe og brugte Jorden som flugtsted.

    • Ja det skal du se, at det var den veien de reiste. Men, jeg vet ikke om naturkatastrofe kan forklare det.
      Da tror jeg heller på en human-katastrofe.
      Kanskje de kom i klem mellom andre grupperinger som var forblindet av overtro og ideologier.
      Når man ser på verden idag er det jo nesten så man skulle ønske at man kunne reist tilbake. Vi, som er så dumme at vi ikke har forstått at det er guder og ideologier som styrer og ikke mennesker og moral.

      Tror DIO er inne på noe i denne sangen:

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