The Body Of Truth

The following are pictures and a video from a US and Israeli flag burning protest organized and supported by British Muslims, as the chaos seen across the Middle East in the aftermath of an anti-Islamic film finally hits the United Kingdom.

Here is a short clip of footage from the event:

The sickening protest was led by despised British Muslim Imam, Anjem Choudary, who is a former solicitor turned hate-preacher and a vocal sympathiser of the September 11 attacks on The World Trade Center, he rallied over 150 hard-line Islamists in a march which began at the Central London Mosque to the mission in Grosvenor Square this afternoon.

During the hate filled protest, one person was arrested for public order offences as the Muslim demonstrators were free to shout ‘burn burn USA’ and an American flag was set alight, The Muslims held various banners and signs, including slogans such as «Islam…

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