GatesofVienna har en artikkel om hvordan demokratiske prosesser og prinsipper blir svekket i EU. Dette kan også vurderes i forbindelse med  den tragiske beslutningen som ble fattet av domstolen i Tyskland igår.
Dessverre klarte ikke retten der å bruke grunnloven til det den var ment til: Å beskytte land og folk.
Når demokratiet etterhvert blir satt ut av spill er dette kanskje likevel ikke overraskende.

Fra artikkelen:

Apparently only a few notice that the European countries have already for a long
time been governed not by democratically legitimized institutions, but by a row
of abbreviations which overtook their role. Those making decisions are the EFSF,
ESM, EZB, EBA and IWF. Only experts are capable of deciphering those acronyms.
Only the initiated ones are informed on who decides, what is decided, and how
the issues are decided in the EU Commission and the Euro Group. What is all
these institutions have in common is that they appear in not one single
constitution in the world, and that no voter has the right to participate in
their decision-making.

The abolition of the democratic constitutional state is openly proclaimed in the
ESM treaty. The resolutions made by the leading members of this rescue group are
directly applicable under international law and not tied to the decisions of
(national) parliaments. They call themselves governors, just as in the old
colonial regimes, and just like the directors, are not accountable to the
public. Just the contrary: they are explicitly sworn to secrecy about these
issues. This reminds one of the Omerta, which belongs to the code of honor of
the Mafia. Our Godfathers are free of any judicial or legal control. They enjoy
privileges to which not even the leaders of the Camorra are entitled: total
immunity from criminal law (as stated in the articles 32 to 35 of the ESM

A bleak outlook? Good times for the enthusiasts of disasters, who foretell not
only the collapse of the banking system, the bankruptcy of indebted countries,
but preferably the very end of the world! But as the majority of prophets of
doom, these soothsayers are probably getting their hopes up too early. Because
five hundred million Europeans will not be inclined to simply give up without
fight by following the favorite mantras of their saviors: “There is no
alternative for us”, “If our plan fails, Europe fails”. This continent has
already instigated, experienced and survived completely different and much
bloodier conflicts than the actual crisis. There will be no coming out of this
blind alley in which the ideologists of disenfranchisement have led us without
costs, conflicts and painful restrictions. Panic is the worst counselor in this
situation, and those who claim that they are hearing Europe’s swansong are those
ignore its strengths.

Les hele artikkelen her.

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