Here are some excerpts from an analysis we found on the blog of Hanne Nabintu Herland. The analysis in whole can be, and is recommended, read on her blog.

The West in Crisis.

Since the end of the Cold War the military hegemony of the West has been unchallenged.

The book «Respekt» by Hanne Nabintu Herland

Increasingly arrogant and over-confident, the USA and Europe developed an acute lack of respect for the sovereignty of other cultures and an uncivilized belief that aggressive military bombing was sufficient to force other nations to their knees.

Today the super-power façade of the West cracks while financial crises ripple in the wake of cultural greed and lack of self-regulation and self-discipline. Serious social-political unrest rocks the entire western world.

History is full of examples of civilizations initially characterized by a will to work, discipline, strong defense and shared values. A golden age followed, with growth and prosperity.  But before this same civilization lost its power and slipped into the past with fading splendor, the society first passed through a phase where initial constructive ideals were labeled old-fashioned, out-of-date and passé. Humility evaporated. Family unity and empathy with the disenfranchised crumbled. Self-realization, consumerism and egoism rather than unity were idealized and mistakenly equated with individual freedom.  Self-pleasure was all-powerful. Today we think that human rights bear no connection with human duties. Those that deviate from the pressures of conformity are ridiculed and mocked in a manner that hauntingly resembles Germany in the 1930s when the left extremist and national socialist Hitler assumed power.


In the face of such a degenerated and increasingly totalitarian democracy that no longer stands for human freedom, the population becomes resigned. They understand that they now live in a Soviet.  Secrets are discussed within the four walls of the home, people whisper and look over their shoulder, while the oppressed rage over unsolved social challenges rises.

Read the whole analysis here.


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