Ravnagaldr vil med dette anbefale følgende artikkel fra Right Side News. Den forklarer hva en moske egentlig er, hvor farlige de er, og hvordan de er verktøy for islam – mot menneskeheten.

All ondskapen i islam, som vi daglig ser i fri utfoldelse rundt om i verden – og hos oss selv – fristet  igjen til å kalle en spade for en spade og moskeer for ambassader for helvete.

Why Mosques Should Be Shut Down

The die was cast in 632 AD when Mohammed built the first mosque in Medina. It became an inviolable and enduring precedent. Using the mosque as a base of infiltration and invasion, he methodically proceeded to destroy and obliterate all religions and governments throughout the Arabian Peninsula. It was as if some ghoulish monster had risen from the parched desert sands and could only slake its thirst by feeding on blood. It born a toxic formula carried thru to present time – first build mosques then conquer.

Each of these mosques is currently conducting various types of jihadist attacks such as: propaganda jihad, immigration jihad, education jihad, media jihad, marriage jihad, lawsuit jihad, moderate Islam jihad, sharia jihad, bribery jihad, stealth jihad and all varieties of nefarious and clandestine means to sabotage and undermine our nation as required by the Koran. All this has been enabled under the guise of “moderate Islam”, the most effective psychological warfare infiltration ruse in history.

Les hele artikkelen her.

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