Dagbladet.no is reporting that 2 children, age 6 and 12 are found beheaded in Afghanistan. The 12 year old, a boy, was kidnapped and later found dead in the province of khandahar on Wednesday. In this case one suspects talibani rebels for the crime, as the 12 year old had an older brother working as an policeofficer. The brother had been trained by the Americans. Revenge for this training by infidels are believed to be the motive.

The 6 year old, a girl, was found east in Afghanistan on Thursday. In this case the officials are not sure whether she was beheaded by the taliban or by her own family!!!!

Ravnagaldr dares to state one thing for sure though. They both were beheaded by muslims, people submitting to islam.

See the full article here in Dagbladet.no.

For those sorry low-lives now rushing to apologize islam by the usual claim that this is against the koran and islam: Watch this muslim beheading of a tunisian Christian:


If you’ve seen this before and want to spare yourself for this, it is safe to watch  at least 1min 49 secs into the video. It is quite a serimony of koran reading before the actual beheading starts.

Or, this video showing a Syrian Christian thrown out of a window in what appears to be his own appartment:


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